Hang Lung Future Women Leaders Program

hang lung future women leaders program

Today, Hang Lung Properties (SEHK stock code: 00101) ("the Company" or "Hang Lung") held a graduation ceremony to mark the successful completion of the inaugural Hang Lung Future Women Leaders Program. The Program was organized in partnership with the Xuhui District Women's Federation, the Jing'an District Women's Federation, and YiShe in Shanghai. Almost 180 female university students from across the nation participated in the Program, and 75% of them are the first in three generations of their families to attend university. Over the past eight months, the participants received over 6,300 hours of leadership training and mentorship, and 90% of them successfully completed the program. During the graduation ceremony, outstanding students from the Mainland and Hong Kong engaged in a dialogue to share insights into what they had learned and how they could contribute to the future development of society and the country.

Mr. Derek Pang, Senior Director – Mainland Business Operation, Hang Lung Properties, delivers his speech at the graduation ceremony

Mr. Derek Pang, Senior Director – Mainland Business Operation, Hang Lung Properties; Ms. Tiffany Leung, Deputy Director of Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in Shanghai, the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region; Ms. Lu Ying, President of the Jing'an District Women's Federation; Ms. Song Yan, President of the Xuhui District Women's Federation, Ms. Chen Yang, Deputy Secretary of Jing'an Youth League Committee along with program mentors, attended the graduation ceremony and witnessed the progress and transformation the participating students have made.

At the graduation ceremony, Mr. Derek Pang, Senior Director – Mainland Business Operation, Hang Lung Properties, said, "It is a great pleasure to witness the growth of these students from the Hang Lung Future Women Leaders Program from the mainland China and Hong Kong. We are thrilled to see the positive social impact that they have created through their sustainable community projects. On behalf of Hang Lung Properties, I would like to express our gratitude to the Women's Federations, influential women leaders from diverse industries, and Hang Lung's tenants and business partners for their support. Together we have fostered the holistic development of leadership and social responsibility among the next generation of young women. Looking ahead, we hope that more young females would be inspired by the impact of this program and will actively contribute to inclusive community development, as we work together to create a sustainable future for our country."

Ms. Li Ming, Vice President of the Shanghai Women's Federation, said, "The Hang Lung Future Women Leaders Program has garnered significant interest and support from students, educators, universities, businesses, government, and other segments of society. Thanks to the collaborative effort of all stakeholders, the first edtion of the program has come to a successful conclusion, yet, it is just the beginning, as we look forward to see the program participants harnessing their potential and thriving in the future."

Ms. Shi Ning, Managing Director of Chloe China and one of the program mentors, shared moving stories and experiences between her and students, urging them to move forward with determination and confidence to achieve limitless growth. At the ceremony, Ms. Song Yan, President of the Xuhui District Women's Federation and Ms. Chen Yang, Deputy Secretary of Jing'an Youth League Committee, presented awards to outstanding participants and sustainable community project teams for their exceptional performance.

Three outstanding participants from Hong Kong and three from mainland China held an impromptu Shanghai-Hong Kong Inspirational Talk, exchanging their experiences and gains from the program. Li Meijun, a student from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and one of the program's outstanding students shared, "For me, the key word from the Hang Lung Future Women Leaders Program is 'expanding boundaries'. During the course of the program, I had the opportunity to connect with diverse groups of people from different fields. These connections not only empowered me, but also confirmed that the future holds infinite possibilities and that I can explore them without limits."

As a vital initiative in Hang Lung's sustainability commitment, Hang Lung launched the nationwide community investment project, Hang Lung Future Women Leaders Program, aiming to empower young women, develop their personal and professional potential, and build confidence for growth. The program boasts 43 mentors who provided six months of mentorship, totaling over 2,800 hours, and offered comprehensive leadership training courses that ran for almost 3,500 hours, as well as the Shanghai-Hong Kong Inspirtational Talks featuring influential women from Shanghai and Hong Kong. Under the guidance of mentors, and with support from the Hang Lung As One Volunteer Team, the students successfully completed 31 sustainable community projects related to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), benefiting over 4,500 community members, further promoting social well-being. Going forward, outstanding students will be given the opportunity to conduct a two-month internship in Hang Lung, or companies associated with the program's mentors, to gain practical experience and transition from campus to a professional environment while applying what they have learned from the program to real-life situations.

The successful conclusion of the Hang Lung Future Women Leaders Program is a testament to Hang Lung's commitment to its mission of "pursuing sustainable growth by connecting our customers and communities" and promoting sustainable development. In the future, Hang Lung will continue to empower and foster the growth of the younger generation of women, collaborating with like-minded partners to create and inclusive and diverse society.

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