Tips on Sleep for Beautiful Women

tips on sleep for beautiful women

Most of us agree that having a good night's rest compares well with drinking from the very fountain of youth. Why, Sleep provides women with the regeneration process needed to wake up glowing. But take note of this: Sleep may be only as helpful as the "owner" allows it to be. Hence, why not do something to implement the acknowledged "sleeping best practices." This can range from selecting beneficial skincare products to using supportive sleep aids; yes, these can make a woman wake up with a beautiful glow- right from head to toe.

Double-cleanse: It doesn't matter whether you like wearing makeup or not; it's essential to cleanse the body in the evening thoroughly. This removes dirt, excess oil, the buildup of dead cells, and pollution. Of course, double cleansing also gets rid of makeup (for those who wear it). Hence, never go to bed without washing your face. If you do, you allow impurities to remain on your skin. This clogs the pores, triggers inflammation, and disrupts the skin's microbiome. Essentially, double cleansing is a technique in which a woman first cleanses with an oil-based wash. She then follows this up with a gentle, water-based wash.

Holistic aesthetician Britta Plug notes that oils are- by far- the best cleaning method. Thus, after using oil, a beauty–conscious lady can use a water-based cleanser; everything depends on your needs. If you find that you're running dry, consider cleansing with additional soothing ingredients- these may include rose and aloe. On the other hand, a woman who finds herself running oily can consider using a cleanser with more exfoliates.

Use heavier, potent products at night: Have you ever wondered why beauticians are increasingly emphasizing the difference between daytime and nighttime routines? The answer's simple; at night, the skin is more permeable; this means it's more receptive to skincare products. Regardless, this also means the skin considerably loses hydration as a woman sleeps. Hence, to make the most of your beauty sleep, try using relatively more potent actives in the evening. Try to apply heavier, more occlusive moisturizers to seal it in.

Have a mini spa: The evening is the perfect time for this. Well, this has less to do about the skin's biology; it has more to do with the logistics. Most likely, you've more time to relax in the evening. It's advisable to use the spare moments before bedtime to pamper the skin with a few more treatments. A London-based cosmeceutical skincare specialist, Lucy Xu, says this: "Try to take a relaxing bath. Apply a clay-based face mask; this draws out impurities and ensures the skin is clean well before bedtime. You may go a step further and use an extra-thick sleeping mask at least once per week. This does a lot to hydrate the skin." Ms. Xu advises women to apply a hydraulic-based overnight face mask. This can wonderfully moisturize and nourish the skin overnight.

Home Light Therapy: Using home light therapy is becoming ever more popular. The familiar red light stimulates mitochondria, the cell-powerhouse in the skin. This helps to repair oxidative damage and contributes to firmer skin. A recent study found that patients who receive red light therapy on the face two times a week for 30 sessions enjoyed improved skin complexion, enhanced smoothness, better skin tone, and collagen density. Note that red light therapy isn't merely meant for the skin; studies have shown that red light effectively improves sleep quality. In this study, a small group (comprising women) was given half an hour of red light therapy every night for two weeks. In the end, researchers found that sleep disturbances were significantly reduced (among these subjects) compared to the placebo group.

Practical bedtime routine: An hour before going to bed, ensure your room is thoroughly clean and tidy. If possible, light some candles to help you relax. You may even spritz a pillow spray onto the sheets and pillowcases or dab drops of lavender oil onto your pillows; these should help you get to sleep faster. Another sleep expert urges the importance of this kind of routine. He says: "Having a routine for the nighttime is really a form of self-care. It helps calm the body and prepares it for sleep. It's crucial to get adequate sleep; it's even more crucial for a woman's skin health. It can produce a natural glow, especially for women who are past their menopause."