The Power of Green Tea

the power of green tea

Green tea originated from India and China has been proven for its health benefits, from skin to our body. Green tea is used in Chinese and an Indian medicine that controls bleed, heals wounds, improves digestion, improves mental health etc. studies also shows that drinking green tea has a positive effect in weight loss and liver disorders.

Green tea is more than just a leaf, many of its components contains important nutrients. Tea is rich in polyphenols that reduces skin inflammation and helps fighting cancer. Also, it contains catechins that are natural antioxidants which help prevents cell damage.

Green tea substance can decrease the formation of free radicals inside our body, protects our cells from further damages. Free radicals are one of the components which make our skin age and give various diseases in our body.

EGCG or catechins is found one of the most powerful components in green tea. It is proven to be used in treating various diseases in which the main reason why green tea is used in traditional medicines because of its powerful medicinal properties.

Types of Green Tea: a bottled or with artificial sweetener green tea, single tea bags, loose-leaf, instant powder or herbs, green tea supplements which sold in capsule form or in liquid extract juice.

Tip: use or buy the higher quality of green tea as lower quality brands has been proven to contain a lot of fluoride ingredients. Also, according to research, bottled teas are not equivalent to brewed tea because it contains few polyphenols than a brewed cup of green tea. Choose green tea products that are suitable for you.

Here are the health benefits of Green Tea:

Cancer Prevention: Cancer is one of the leading diseases which cause rapid deaths around the world. The polyphenols in tea is shown to decrease the tumor growth and protects damage that causes by UV radiation. Also, if you live in a country wherein green tea is high in consumption, it is proven that the cancer rates on that country is lower than the average. Researchers believe that having a high level of polyphenols in tea helps kills cancerous cells.

Heart Benefits: green tea contains catechins and polyphenolic compounds that have protective effects on cardiovascular system. Green tea also increases antioxidant on the blood which protects the LDL from oxidation. Knowing that heart diseases, stroke are one of the biggest causes of death in the world, drinking green tea can improve the risks factors of this disease.

It Lowers Cholesterol: consuming green tea reduces bad cholesterol in our body.

It Improves Brain Function: green tea contains less caffeine than coffee. It also contains amino acid or L-theanine which improves brain function, L-theanine increases the activity of the inhibitory neurotransmitter which has anti-anxiety effect. Not only that, green tea may also protect your brain as it lowers the chance of having Alzheimer and Parkinson diseases. Alzheimer is the most common disease and also the lead cause of dementia. Parkinson is the second most common disease after Alzheimer as the Parkinson’s death of dopamine which produces neurons on the brain. The bioactive compounds that can be found in green tea reduce the risks of getting the two common neurodegenerative disorders.

It Lowers the Risk of Infection: green tea has a component called catechins in which lower the risk of infections and viruses particularly influenza as it lowers the risk of infection on the body. It also reduces bad breathe as it contains catechins which reduces the growth of streptococcus mutans. Streptococcus mutans are the primary bacteria that harms on the mouth as it causes plaque formation which contributes cavity and tooth decay.

It Lowers the Risk of Obesity: green tea can promote a small weight loss in overweight and obesity when consuming it, particularly in reducing the dangerous abdominal fat.

It Lowers the Risk of Type 2 Diabetes: This disease involves elevated blood sugar levels in insulin or inability to produce insulin. A study shows that green tea improves insulin and reduces blood sugar levels. Over 400 million people worldwide have a Type 2 Diabetes.

So here are the benefits and the power of Green Tea. It can protect us from harm by drinking it. What are your thoughts? Are you also a green-tea lover?